TLP Group are seriously into offering young school leavers the opportunity of work experiance. We believe in investing time in our young by giving opportunities to what will become the next generation of workers. We hope we can help develop the skills needed for a successful working life and nurture confidence and maturity in what can sometimes be an intimidating entry into working life.

Emma photocopying

It has recently been our absolute pleasure to welcome Emma into out offices for a weeks long ‘torture’, oops I mean adventure and she has certainly made a very positive mark on us all in the TLP office.


During Emma’s time in the office Emma has filed papers, answered the telephone, used our computer systems to track and plan consignments and even given the big boss man, Martyn, some suggestions and comments regarding her job role in the office.



Martyn Bowers Operations Director said “We’ve can’t thank Emma enough for coming to TLP for her work experience week. We have all been amazed by her willingness to learn new skills, her quick learning and positive mindset and it’s been a pleasure to watch her develop professionally into the office role. It’s certainly encouraging that one day people like Emma will take their place in the business world.”.